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The Etruscan Coast is a large stretch of the Tuscan coast that stretches from Livorno to Piombino and also includes many towns in the hinterland, including Campiglia Marittima.

The name of this coastal area is linked to the presence of the Etruscans, who lived here as early as the ninth century BC, as evidenced by the various settlements still visible today.
In the Archaeological Park of Populonia and in the area of ​​the Gulf of Baratti there are the most significant evidences of the colonization of these lands by the Etruscan people.

The Etruscan Coast includes the archaeological and naturalistic areas of the Val di Cornia Parks. They are part of it:

  • the Archaeological Mining Park of San Sivestro, to visit the Temperino mine, with its galleries and constructions, evidence of the mining activity that lasted over time, continued until the end of the last century. Fascinating guided itineraries on foot and with the train inside the ancient mines where you can discover the charm of the underground world. Finally, the pride of the Rocca di San Silvestro, white wonder of medieval historical construction. Testimony of the military power of Pisa and Florence.
  • the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, to visit, the ancient acropolis and necropolis of the fascinating Etruscan city. Populonia Alta, a wonderful village built by the Etruscans on top of a hill overlooking the Gulf of Baratti, the only example of an Etruscan coastal town with its tower, symbol of the coast.
  • the Coastal Parks of Rimigliano and della Sterpaia, a strip of forest and Mediterranean scrub, where the most varied breeds of migratory and resident birds find their natural refuge. A natural lung, loved and protected by the inhabitants of the Val di Cornia.
  • the Val di Cornia with its parks, its archaeological treasures and its natural beauties to be discovered, is able to win the hearts of all visitors.
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  • Mining Park of San Silvestro – Campiglia Marittima- www.parchivaldicornia.it0565 226445
  • Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park – Gulf di Baratti – – 0565 226445
  • Etruscan Museum Populonia – Populonia – 0565 18280030
  • Costa Etrusca guide center, environmental and tourist guides – Facebook – Ilaria: 347 1408670
  • Laura Peruzzi, Archaeological tour guide – tel. 3201957308Facebook
  • Periplo Tourism & Culture – Chiara (guide of Museum Populonia) 347 9389143
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