Live in the village

Living in Campiglia is simply a unique experience.
The ancient village that had emptied at the end of the last century is slowly recovering its centrality.
New life blood, arrived from families who moved to the village from all Italian and European cities, have revitalized life in the village. New accommodation facilities, new restaurants, new shops.

There are many initiatives that take place every year in Campiglia. The most important APRITI BORGO takes place every year in the month of August from the 11th to the 15th. It is an international festival of street shows which, in addition to attracting world-renowned artists of this genre, showcases the best of gastronomy and oenology of the municipality of Campiglia Marittima.

But Campiglia is not just BORGO APRITI. The Teatro dei Concordi with its rich calendar is attractive during the winter for residents and for those who have a second home in Campiglia.

There are also many initiatives of the Ente Valorizazione of Campiglia, of the La Bifora Sports Group, and of the La Rocca Natural Shopping Center, which together with the Municipality organize events for reception.

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