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The Etruscan Coast is one of the most important cradles of the Etruscan civilization, whose land has always been considered valuable for its high mineral content, important for the quality of wine.
Since the 80s the wine production has expanded with the planting of new vineyards based on the Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah and many others varieties, which combined with the traditional Sangiovese produce new products for a more modern winemaking management.
The revolution takes place in the nearby Bolgheri, where the first steps are taken in wines that today have conquered the world market for their particularity.
The route of the Wine and Oil Road takes us to Campiglia Marittima, where experiments with Cabernet take the first steps.
From Campiglia we descend towards Suvereto, where new and modern vineyards have found a natural dwelling due to the perfect geological and natural conformation of the land.
Going on towards the sea, on the other hand, you come to the territory of Piombino, an area that in recent years has revealed a particular wine vocation.
It is possible to visit the cellars of the most famous wine producers of the world in our area.

The great red wines of the area perfectly match the Val di Cornia cuisine, whose king is the Boar.
Val di Cornia is also famous for its vegetables, violet artichoke and spinach, which are grown on flat land close to the sea. Another typical product, the famous “Campigliese”, a crunchy cake that goes well with the local passito.
In addition, Piombino and its coastline are famous for the finest and most delicious fish qualities. Among them stands out for its flavor, the renowned “palamita“, one of the most sought-after prey by fishermen on the coast. Precisely for this variety of slowfood fish has created a special garrison.
The morphology of the calcareous terrain and the position close to the coast make the olive oil produced in Val di Cornia one of the most prized and tasty in all of Tuscany. The quality as well as having incredible mineral characteristics, and easy to digest and goes very well with the fish.

Cooking school

There are many private initiatives, especially in the tourist period that are born with the aim of divulging the culinary delights of the Val di Cornia. Campiglia Marittima is no exception. Simonetta Bertini who for many years has worked as a Private Chef with many restaurateurs makes available to those who were interested in his knowledge, providing private lessons by reservation.

The harvest and the collection of olives

It is possible to participate in these two events that represent a real party. An important moment of the rural culture that can be shared, to know in detail a process that is synonymous with tradition.

Useful contacts


  • Il Goccetto, Wine and cutting boards – Campiglia Marittima – tel. 3280244043
  • Locanda il Canovaccio – Campiglia Marittima – –  tel. 0565 838449
  • Borgò – Piazza Mazzini, Campiglia Marittima – tel. 331 2201713
  • Delizie di mare - Via Buozzi, Campiglia Marittima - tel. 0565 1790335
  • Pizzeria il Pozzolungo – Campiglia Marittima – tel. 339 6459750
  • Mamanonmama cucina e cantina – Campiglia Marittima – tel. 366 2006638
  • I’ Ciocio – Suvereto – tel. 0565 829947
  • Da Alcide – Venturina Terme – – tel. 0565 851341
  • La PergolaGulf of Baratti – tel. 0565 29596
  • Ristorante CanessaGulf of – tel. 0565 29530
  • Torre di Populonia – Castle of Populonia – tel. 0565 1953110
  • Osteria La Magona  – Bolgheri – – tel. 0565 762173
  • Osteria San Guido – Bolgheri – – tel. 0565 749693
  • La Perla del Mare – San Vincenzo – – tel. 0565 702113
  • La Conchiglia – San Vincenzo – – tel. 0565 705040
  • La Barcaccina – San Vincenzo – tel. 339 1393126
  • Mariva Beach Restaurant and – tel. 0565 719777
  • Taverna dei Boncompagni - Piombino - tel. 0565 222176
  • Il Garibaldi innamorato - Piombino - tel. 0565 49410


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